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Smyle is an innovative brand that promotes a unique approach to the cannabis consumption market. We envision ourselves as more than just another pothead culture company but rather one focused on creating positive experiences for all types of users through our product line and distinct brand image. Smyle’s mission is to be specifically known for our innovation in the cannabis market. Our focus is to provide better methods of consumption through convenience and quality to cannabis users. With over 8 years of experience in the traditional vaping/smoking market, we utilize the latest technological advances in hardware, electronics, flavoring, and liquid formulation.

We Strive for innovation

The 1.5g

The Smyle Pod system uses a 300mAh battery and the newest ceramic coil technology. The output on the Smyle Battery is stronger because of the unique lower resistance (ohms) built into the ceramic coil. This provides much greater vapor production. The intense hit emits significantly more strength and kick. The higher heat also dramatically increases the flavor levels. This leads to an increase in flavor complexity which is otherwise dulled by lack of sufficient heat.

The Oil

The Smyle Pod will incorporate the latest oil-based flavoring extracts to provide a better-tasting solution.

Through our special formulation process, we’ve come up with a pod with incredibly high amounts of THC (the highest on the market). We’re able to maximize the amount of THC in every pod while keeping other beneficial cannabinoids of the plant such as CBD and CBNs. Our battery, pod capacity, propriety formulations, and special ceramic coil technology present the best flavor and experience on a vape device currently.

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