Smyle™ Weed


The Future Of Cannabis Vaping

The Smyle™ 1.5g Pod is the first of its kind, custom-created by our team of engineers and flavor experts to bring you the best experience in your 1500mg pod device.

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Smyle Device Pod Standing Yellow Edition


Through our special distillation process, we’ve come up with a pod with incredibly high amounts of THC. We’re able to maximize the amount of THC in every Pod while keeping other beneficial cannabinoids of the plant such as CBG, CBC, and CBNs.

1500ml Capacity

Smooth Hitting. Quality Taste.

Custom Ceramic Coil


Our patented battery features a 300mAh capacity with a high-voltage output for maximum delivery.

300 mAh Battery

Airflow Activated

Micro-USB Port

Smyle Black Edition Battery Display


Sativa Smyle

Peach Burst by Smyle™ is a Sativa-blended distillate. This profile has the taste of a ripe, tangy peach to drive your sweet tooth wild with every inhale.


Hybrid Smyle

Our Wedding Cake by Smyle™ is a Hybrid-blended distillate. This strain features a rich, savory hit with earthy overtones and a kiss of sweetness. Enter into relaxation as you hear the wedding bells ring. No in-laws included.

Smyle Wedding Cake Box
Smyle Strawberry Lime Box


Sativa Smyle

Strawberry Lime by Smyle™ is a Sativa-blended distillate featuring the sweet and sour profiles of strawberries and lime. This is the perfect blend of tarty berries and citrus. An energetic and refreshing blend for a warm afternoon or exciting night.


Hybrid Smyle

Strawberry Banana by Smyle™ is a Hybrid-blended distillate. Start your day with the taste of lush strawberries and banana. This profile is known for bringing happy, peaceful feelings that will sharpen creativity and sensory feelings.

Smyle Strawberry Banana Box


Indica Smyle

Blue Razz by Smyle™ is an Indica-blended distillate. The tangy blue raspberry flavor intensifies as it travels along the palate. This pod has been swirled with sweet and tangy blue raspberry terpenes, presenting a relaxing Indica sensation.

Smyle Blue Razz Box 1